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Youtube Automation: The Complete Tutorial For Beginners


How many hours have you spent on YouTube? How much more do you spend per day? Are you tired of wasting your time and struggling to grow your channel when you could be doing something else? Are you looking for a way to automate the tedious tasks of uploading videos and keeping them fresh with new comments, likes, and shares that will bring traffic to your channel? I’ve got great news for you! There is an amazing free tool called TubeAssist that can automate all of this. It’s like having an assistant who can do everything from scheduling uploads to liking your latest video with one click.

Step 1. How to sign up on ClickBank

ClickBank is one of those platforms that can earn you quick and easy money. But, if you are going to earn on ClickBank, you must sign up first. If you do not know how to sign up on ClickBank then it will be your first step toward YouTube automation. Here I am going to guide you on How to Sign Up On Clickbank. To go into detail please visit the step 1 link below!

Step 2. Adding products from ClickBank

Now that you have created your affiliate site, you are ready to start adding products from ClickBank. Adding products from ClickBank is very easy, and it takes about 5 minutes. It can also be very profitable for you. ClickBank has millions of products in every niche imaginable that you can promote as an affiliate. Each product has a unique tracking ID so you can track how many sales your Clickbank link is generating daily.

Step 3. When should you be making videos?

If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. Start with 1 video a week and after 1 month, go up to 2 videos a week. If you have more traffic, feel free to increase it more. And remember, it doesn’t matter if they are long or short! Just as long as they provide value and are entertaining, your subscribers will love them! (Use Camtasia Studio for Screen Recording)

Step 4. Creating a Video Tracking Sheet

Gather Data on YouTube Views, Followers, and Clicks. Once you've created your video, many factors go into determining how successful your video is. This includes a variety of data points such as views, likes/dislikes, comments, and shares. These numbers will help you determine where you need to make improvements in your next videos to ensure success in gaining exposure for your business. It's important to remember that creating great content isn't enough; you must also be able to effectively promote it through various channels. It's not enough just to create a great video; you must also know how to promote it effectively so that people can find it when they search for information related to your topic or industry. There are two main tools used by businesses today when promoting their products or services - organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

Step 5. Optimizing your Playlist for Sales

So your channel has grown to a point where you have multiple videos with tons of views. But are you actually making money off it? We all know that YouTube is being abused by many people (not even on purpose) who use it as a free video-hosting platform and are not monetizing their channels. A great way to optimize your channel for sales is by creating playlists around each product, or grouping similar videos together.

Step 6. Customize your Channel Design

Now that you’ve got your content in place, you need to consider how people will find your channel. People are more likely to click on a username that matches your business name and so as soon as you register your business name, you can change your username on YouTube to match. Step 7. Create an End-Card: An end-card is basically just a fancy way of saying outro or end credits for your videos.

Step 7. Monetization Settings

To monetize your videos, you will have to create a YouTube account and link it with your Google AdSense account. You can find all these settings on Youtube's monetization page. Make sure you set up everything correctly since these settings cannot be changed once they are saved. We recommend using an email address that is not linked to any other social media accounts or any other website. This way you won't get spammed by people trying to sell things in your email inbox. If you already have an existing Gmail account that is not related to any other websites or accounts, then we recommend using that one as well. Otherwise, just open a new Gmail account for your channel and use that one instead.

Step 8. Adding Thumbnails to Videos

You can now choose a thumbnail to add to your video. You can also see what your video will look like on YouTube and decide if you want to make any changes, such as adding or editing descriptions, tags, titles, and thumbnails. Your channel’s name will appear on all of your uploaded videos by default. If you don’t want it to appear, click Hide channel branding in my uploaded videos before clicking Next Step. Click Next Step when you are done making changes.

Step 9. Adding Text Descriptions to Videos Section: 

After you have all your videos added, go back and click on each video. Underneath each of your videos, click Edit next to Overview, and then write a summary or blurb about that video. You can also add tags here as well. This is what will show up when someone clicks on that video from YouTube. This is an important step because it gives people more information about what they are clicking on so they know if it’s something they want to watch before clicking play.

Step 10 Conclusion & Bonus Tips

Whether you decide to automate your videos or not, it’s important to know YouTube will continue to reward channels that develop a loyal following. In addition to connecting with fans on a personal level and delivering high-quality content, there are several tricks of the trade that can help ensure long-term success. Here are some bonus tips for growing your channel from 0 to 100k subscribers!